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Perfumes are so much more than just a pretty smell captured in a pretty bottle. Perfumes are sentimental, personal and unique with every single perfume taking on a slightly different aroma on every one. Experiencing a familiar scent can also completely take you back to an experience from your life; throwing yourself into you in memories from the past . Nothing evokes a memory quite so strongly as the fragrance that accompanies it, be that a person or a place.

Thankfully, The Fragrance Shop understand the importance and significance that accompanies getting a new perfume. The store is stocked out with a huge range of different brands and scents so that you have the ultimate selection to choose from. Whether you love your floral and woody scents, sweet and fresh scents or you prefer something slightly more oriental and spicy, there are plenty of options all with a beautiful concoction of flavours, carefully balanced to give off their own unique aroma.

At The Fragrance Shop you will find some of the very best and most popular brands in the fragrance world. From Lancôme and Dior to French Connection and Channel you are sure to find what you are looking for. With perfumes and fragrances for both men and women you can find things for yourself, for your partner, a friend of member of your family – a new perfume is such a lovely gift to receive. The best thing about The Fragrance Shop is their mission to make sure that luxury fragrances are affordable. There are often great discounts to be found on all your favourite perfumes meaning you don’t have to spend a small fortune on your signature new scent.

Come in store today, test out some perfume possibilities and indulge in a beautiful new fragrance that will not only make you smell and feel good but will look elegant and beautiful on your dressing table.