14 Apr 2022

Car Park FAQs

From 7am, Tuesday 19th April, there will be a parking fee applied to the car park at Green Oaks Shopping Centre. Please note this does NOT include Morrisons car park.

An ANPR system is now installed and a tariff of £1.50 per day (12am to 11.59pm) will be in place. This does not include the adjacent Morrisons car park.

Please find our FAQ’s below regarding the car park charge:

Why are you introducing charges for the visitor car park?

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to generate further investment to guarantee the best possible experience for its customers the centre will introduce a charge in order to maintain the parking facilities. Green Oaks Shopping Centre appreciates that the car park has always been free to customers of Green Oaks and therefore has ensured the charge is nominal so the car park remains accessible to all.

How much will it cost to park at Green Oaks Shopping Centre?

A cost of £1.50 per day (12am to 11.59pm)

How do I pay to park at Green Oaks Shopping Centre?

Customers can pay for parking on arrival. Once parked, follow the instructions on signs available at the pay machine to pay via Pay By Phone app or with a credit/debit card at the machine. Customers will not be able to pay on exit.

The car park system uses ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) and visitors will be
required to enter their registration accurately to make a successful payment.

How do I know which spaces belong to Green Oaks Shopping Centre?

Paid parking spaces are clearly identified by signage within the car parks, 2 large signs also identify where paid parking is applied.

Can I pay by cash or card? 

Payment can be made by card payment however cash is currently unavailable.

What if I change my mind after entering the car park or cannot find a space?

Motorists have a ‘grace period’ of 10 minutes from the time they enter the car park, during
which, they will be able to leave without incurring a charge. Stays of longer than 10 minutes
will be charged the full applicable fee, and visitors will need to make payment at the pay
machine or Pay By Phone app.

Who do I contact regarding parking enquiries and fines?

Please email info@eurocarparks.com