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25 Apr 2017 Treat Yourself This Summer

Picture this, you’re sat in the office tapping away at your keyboard whilst the works piling up on your desk; you’re practically counting down the seconds until you can get on the plane and jet off to your dream holiday destination. Do you want that day to feel a little closer?
Well we have just the thing to help pass the time and get you beach ready!

If you’re anything like us then you have a long list of essentials you need to buy before you go away. Well worry no more, Green Oaks Shopping Centre has you covered. We’re here to make your life a little easier by having everything you need all in one place.

Holland and Barrett is a must before you hit the beach! You can get your full skin care raceme sorted in a matter of minutes. They have everything you need, from: Factor 50 sun lotion with organic Aloe Vera for an extra soothing feel to Sukin Organic Rosehip Oil to feed your skin with the vital nutrients you need. Don’t worry if you can’t tan naturally, we have you covered with Dr Organic Moroccan Glow Self Tan Mousse!

We also have some amazing clothes stores so you can buy the perfect swimsuit to lounge around the pool in. From boho trousers to smart men’s shirts, Peacocks has it all, there’s no doubt about it, you’ll be rocking up to your hotel looking smoking hot.
If Peacocks isn’t your bag, not to worry, we also have Roman Originals and Select Fashion to make you feel like a million pounds.

Do you want to keep in touch with your family and friends whilst your abroad? Or post the perfect selfie with sunset lighting to your social media? But you don’t want to come home to a crippling phone bill on your doorstep, well not to worry, we have a variety of phone shops who can upgrade your deal in no time. EE, o2 and Carphone Warehouse offer a range of phone and tablet bundles so you can make your whole family jealous whilst they’re at work and you’re sunning yourself on the beach.

Would you prefer to take your photos on a real camera instead of your mobile? Argos has a vast range of amazing cameras which will help you keep your holiday memories close to your heart. We have Cameras especially for kids so your little ones can capture their favourite moments in and out of the water! Or you could get a blast from the past (with a modern twist) and buy one of Polaroid’s Snap Instant Print Cameras; you can print your memories on the spot which will save time developing your photos when you get home.

Maybe you’re not getting chance to go away this year, but you can still enjoy your holidays from the comfort of your very own garden with the amazing garden deals they provide. You could invite the whole family round for a barbecue from as little as £24.99; and don’t forget to buy the perfect garden decorations to make sure you’re the trendsetter of the town.

Maybe you need a little encouragement to save up for your holiday; I know I always get tempted to dip into my spending money a few months before. But luckily Halifax are here to help, they offer a variety of savings accounts so you don’t blow through your money as easily. You can just move little bits of your monthly wage into your savings account via your internet banking.

Don’t have a Halifax bank account? Not to worry, just to sweeten the deal, they actually offer you £100 just for switching your current account over to them.
You can also swap your Pounds to the currency you need whilst you’re in there; we’re almost making it too easy for you.

Want to smell like a Grecian Goddess this summer? Greenoaks is homed to The Fragrance Shop and they’re more than happy to spend some time with you to find your perfect scent for summer. They have everything you could ever want, from Jean Paul Gaultier to Coco Chanel. And don’t worry lads, we’ve not forgot about you, our friends over at The Fragrance Shop will have you smelling like a king once they’re done; nobody will be able to resist you!

Our favourite part of a holiday is the food. Eating fresh exotic fruit by the sea, all you can eat buffets, ice cold drinks with a slice of lemon; perfect. Green Oaks has amazing food shops where you can buy fresh fruit to get you in that holiday feeling. Morrisons has a wide range of foods to suit everyone; you can be transported all over the world through their international food range, from hot curries to sushi, you’ll feel as though you’re back on holiday eating their local cuisine.
Maybe you’d prefer a proper British Sunday dinner, well Crawshaw Butchers has you covered, you can choose from the finest pieces of meat you can find and cook it to perfection!

Why not treat yourself, or someone else this summer to a gorgeous new piece of jewellery. Green Oaks has its own Pandora where you can buy unique and beautifully crafted pieces of jewellery. From birth stone rings to charm bracelets, you don’t want to miss out on buying them. It would make a really special gift for any occasion.

If Pandora isn’t your cup of tea then how about Neil and Barker? Their jewellery range is to die for, they have brands such as: Michael Kors, DKNY and Thomas Sabo. They cater for all occasions, so why not complete your summer outfit with one of their beautiful pieces?

Finally, we here at Green Oaks hope you have a great summer and we made your experience a little easier for you. Have fun and happy shopping!