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04 Oct 2017 What to Pack for the Perfect Weekend Break.

It can be difficult trying to pack light for a weekend away. If you’re anything like us then you could easily pack 7 different outfits and 6 pairs of shoes for a two day trip…much to our partners dismay. But we’ve had to learn how to cut down on the clothing and only take what we need! Otherwise it’s just a lot of unnecessary ironing to do when you get back home!

When in doubt, jean it out!

The most obvious choice you need to take with you is a good pair of jeans! Black jeans go with everythingggg, it’s the perfect piece for a short break because you can wear them with a different top or accessory and you’ve got a whole new outfit!
These gorgeous skinny jeans are from TJ Hughes: RRP £10.00!

Luxurious in Lace.

Then of course, we need the perfect top. This beautiful lace top is from Peacocks: RRP £14.00!
It’s the ideal item to put in your suitcase, you could easily dress it up for a night on the town with a stylish pair of jeans and heels or you could keep it chilled for a day out.

 Keep it light and bright.

We don’t know about you, but we’re not going to give up just yet on our summer wardrobe! This jacket from Roman Originals: RRP £30.00, is the perfect piece for a day out whilst you’re away and the ideal light jacket for the night time. It keeps our summer vibes going strong with a soft pastel pink and flatters all skin tones perfectly.

The perfect day slip dress.

I suppose we’ve got to admit, it has been a bit chillier since we’ve hit October… So I guess we have to dress slightly warmer than when it was the middle of summer. This slip dress with a t-shirt underneath is the perfect outfit for the day and it’s definitely on trend right now. Throw on a pair of boots or flats and you’ve got the ideal outfit for a day out!  Did we mention, it’s also in the sale!? Peacocks- Jane Norman Collection: RRP £15.00

Everyone needs a show stopper!

We all need that one outfit that’ll get heads turning left, right and centre. And boy, have we found the perfect one for you! If this red hot jumpsuit from Select Fashion: RRP £19.99, doesn’t get everyone’s eyes popping out of their head, nothing will!
It’s the ideal outfit for a night on the town or a romantic meal with your SO. Remember to be bold and wear it with confidence; match it with a black clutch and you’re good to go!

Shoes are a girls best friend.

Now we’ve got your show stopper sorted, we need the perfect pair of heels to match! You want something that looks great but is also comfortable! Nobody wants to wake up the next day with blistered feet. We have the ideal pair to match that fiery jumpsuit, check out these perfect stiletto heels from Select Fashion: RRP £16.99. These babies will compliment your outfit perfectly and as a bonus they match with everything!

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for your getaway wardrobe! Have an amazing mini-break, we hope you have a lovely time.
– xoxo GreenOaks Shopping Centre