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23 Mar 2020 Our top tips to working from home

New to the ‘Working From Home’ lifestyle?

Whilst some people treat it like any other day in the office, working from home may not be what you’re used to and it can be a struggle for many to adjust and be productive. 

We’ve rounded up our top three essential tips to help you stay motivated and efficient during your time at home.

Keep active

Since there’s no early morning rush or commute, make the most out of the extra hours and get a workout in. Home workout during the day, or going outside for some fresh air can go a long way for your mental health and well being. Refresh and re-energise to help undo mental blocks. 

Balance and Structure

A work life balance is vital when working at home. Give your day a structure and set a routine during the set hours of work – making sure you take regular breaks away from the screen and work space as needed.

Make time to talk 

Working from home can be isolating so make sure you schedule phone/video calls with your loved ones and work colleagues. A nice catch up over lunch or after work can boost your morale and even help uplift the other person’s mood especially if they too re in self-isolation or are working from home like yourself.